Collecting Bibles: What Makes A Bible Valuable?

24 July 2015
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Collecting bibles is a fascinating hobby that is great diversion for people with a spiritual bent who love books. If are not an expert in this field, however, determining whether a particular bible is worth adding to a collection is not always easy. This article offers some key tips for anyone looking to discover what types of bibles are collectible.   Age   The age of any item is often a factor in whether it has an collectible value. Read More 

Starting A Non Profit Organization For Children: 3 Fundraising Ideas You Should Consider

26 May 2015
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Are you planning to start a non profit organization to help the children in your local area? If so, the ability to raise funds to support your efforts is essential. Unfortunately, getting the word out there about your new charity can be difficult. Thankfully, the three fundraising ideas outlined below can help you to accomplish this goal. Set Up An Online Fundraiser One of the most difficult tasks for new non profit organizations is reaching a large number of people. Read More 

Four Qualities Of A Great Assisted Living Facility

8 January 2015
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Assisted living doesn't mean the end of living. In fact when seniors are unburdened by concerns with day-to-day life and health care, they can really relax and enjoy their golden years. Look for these qualities in an assisted living facility to give your loved ones the security, safety and fun that they deserve after a life of working hard for others.  Organized Parties and Events An assisted living facility should incorporate social opportunities into daily activities in order to give its residents the highest possible quality of life. Read More