Starting A Non Profit Organization For Children: 3 Fundraising Ideas You Should Consider

26 May 2015
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


Are you planning to start a non profit organization to help the children in your local area? If so, the ability to raise funds to support your efforts is essential. Unfortunately, getting the word out there about your new charity can be difficult. Thankfully, the three fundraising ideas outlined below can help you to accomplish this goal.

Set Up An Online Fundraiser

One of the most difficult tasks for new non profit organizations is reaching a large number of people. With limited resources to spend on advertising, it can be difficult to branch out into all of the different areas in your state or even in your own city. However, with the help of an online fundraiser page, you will instantly have the ability to reach people all around the globe. Best of all, setting up these online fundraisers is typically free. You simply pay a portion of any money that you raise to help cover the costs associated with keeping your fundraiser active.

Host A Competition

Most people harbor a competitive spirit. Consequently, even if they are completely unaware of the work your charity does, they will likely be willing to support a local competition that allows them to participate in a sport or other event that they love.

In order to cover the cost of hosting this competition, simply require each person to pay an entry fee to participate. This money can be used to cover overhead, such as food, prizes, and sporting equipment. All of the funds that are left over after the competition is complete will belong to your non profit organization. To increase the amount of money you can raise, you may also wish to ask for donations from people coming to watch the event.

Ransom A Local Celebrity

Okay, so this idea may sound a bit crazy, but it is actually a very effective and entertaining fundraising method. Simply ask a local celebrity to participate in a public "kidnapping." The celebrity is then held in a plastic cell or room in a public place where people can easily see them. In order to secure the celebrity's release, the public will need to cover the cost of their ransom. Placing an LED screen on the door of the cell can help the public to keep up with how much money still needs to be raised in order to free their favorite local celebrity. Just remember to keep your goals reasonable. This will ensure that the celebrity is not held hostage too long without the ability to raise enough money.

For more information about nonprofit organizations for children, visit the Louis House Foundation.