Four Qualities Of A Great Assisted Living Facility

8 January 2015
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Assisted living doesn't mean the end of living. In fact when seniors are unburdened by concerns with day-to-day life and health care, they can really relax and enjoy their golden years. Look for these qualities in an assisted living facility to give your loved ones the security, safety and fun that they deserve after a life of working hard for others. 

Organized Parties and Events

An assisted living facility should incorporate social opportunities into daily activities in order to give its residents the highest possible quality of life. Many assisted living facilities have staff hired specifically to facilitate holiday parties, dances and mixers to give residents the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy each other's company. 

Some other types of activities offered may be game nights, gathering for movies and learning new skills. 

Trips and Outings

Find the seniors in your life an assisted living facility that offers experiences outside the confines of the campus. Many assisted living communities offer day trips to local attractions or visits to interesting places. Some even organize vacations and cruises. Seniors deserve to get out and interact with the world, and a great center will help facilitate that. 

Group Exercise

Good health is more than just accessible doctors. It also means a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can be hard for older people, especially if they have  a disability or injury to specific parts of their bodies. 

Look for a health care facility that offers exercise opportunities to every resident. This may be a gym with the latest exercise equipment, groups organized for walking local nature trails or a swimming pool with joint friendly water exercise. 

Access to Services

Seniors want more than just medical services and meals. They also want to look and feel their best. Choose an assisted living facility with a salon on site where residents can get hair care, nail services and even a massage. Some facilities may occasionally bring cosmetic specialists in to provide these services or may take residents to these types of places on bus trips. 

Other services of this type may include dry cleaners, shoe shiners and barbers. 

Make sure the seniors in your life are living in an assisted care environment that provides everything they need as well as everything they deserve. Seniors want and need social experiences, physical activity and fun just as much as anyone. Choose an assisted living facility that will give the seniors you love all of this and more.  For more information, talk to a center like United Methodist Village.